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June 2010

Brisbane, Bunya Mtns and Carnarvon Gorge

Our first legs of the journey!

sunny 3 °C

We are currently in Sapphire (about 45kms west of Emerald) and I am blogging at night outside in the semi-cold in my pajamas and crocs!

Sorry for delay in blogging but we have been extremely busy with chores and socialising. Have not had a chance to blog. Had our first beautiful free roast and dessert with newfound friends including scones with jam and cream this morning homemade! More about Sapphire in next blog. It is a worthy entry.

The first week of our trip was internet/mobile out of range. Finally I have a a chance to sit down and do a blog (am competing with Geoff for laptop). We called in to Albany Creek to show off our van to Liz and Fred. My original camper buddy many years ago in Holland. We bought a VW camper with a box on top for head room and it was a bomb. She met Fred in Holland and the rest is history!

Marilyn and Mike accompanied us to the Bunyas. We had a very early start to 'roughing it' at the Bunya Mountains (as you will see in the photo)!!
No power and 4 min. hot showers with a button that needed pushing if you wanted more. This meant sticking your hand outside the shower to push. I didn't think anyone was around so I did. WRONG, a lady walked by just as I opened the door to push the button- there I was stark naked, freezing and desperate for hot water. As Marilyn said if she was older than me (and she was) then she would have been jealous! Thanks Marilyn.

Other than that we had all the luxuries with us as far as eating, sleeping and the dinner at the restaurant just capped things off.

We also experienced a rainy night and bitter cold. 3 layers of clothing to bed, the doona and microfibre blanket. I made a note to get one of those polyester blankets from Coles - yuk but very warm.

We learnt a bit from the experienced campers Mike and Marilyn. Thanks and we wish you well next month on your wedding. Hope we can do it again together in the future. We will at least know the good places to camp.

Next stop was at Roma. An opportunity to contact home but alas this was not to be. Both our phones had lost their battery power and to cap it all off Geoff had left his charger at home. This was a good town to do that sort of shopping . We bought a car charger and the power charger just in case. Also bought one of those polyester blankets and haven't needed it yet. Guess what Marilyn, we bought some tent pegs but have since found the tent pegs after turning the van upside down. They were in the laundry bucket!!

We moved on to Carnarvon Gorge. We had booked for 4 nights. When we saw the beautiful bush setting (and there was a roast on the day we were supposed to leave), we decided to stay the extra night and I'm glad we did. It was a very Australian setting we saw. People huddled around a huge camp fire with a guide talking to them. Also a guy was playing the accordion - Waltzing Matilda and such music. The facilities were fantastic and very communal. We cooked in the camp kitchen most nights and sat around and talked to people.

We have met so many lovely people from all walks of life. One day a dentist and his son set up camp behind us and we had some laughs with them. They had very little equipment for their stay so borrowed our luxuries such as toaster and kettle. On the night of the roast we met a teacher who was taking photos for National Parks around Qld and teaches Film and Television at his school. He knew a lot about editing and making movies so it was right up my alley. Quite a few Qld National Parks have commissioned him to take their video and photos.

The walks around Carnarvon Gorge were fantastic. it was a good as Milford Track in a different way. We were buggered at the end of the 21kms walk but it was worth it and I hope to be skinny before long!
So many side diversions to see such as Aboriginal art and Moss Garden.
After a day of rest we did a 14km walk with some spectacular scenery. The sandstone cliffs certainly make it very beautiful and spectacular.
Geoff in the amphitheatre

Geoff in the amphitheatre

the amphitheatre

the amphitheatre

The only walk we missed was walking up 1000 steps to a lookout over the Gorge. Next visit. We will certainly be back here.

This is a must visit place for anyone who loves scenery, camping and walking. They also have tents already set up so you don't need to bring anything except your food. Check it out - Takarakka camp.

Will hopefully be able to find time to learn how to insert some video footage and a map of some sort. That is if we can squeeze it into our heavy schedule of socialising. Tomorrow will leave for Longreach and will hopefully find some time to tell you about our stay in Sapphire.

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